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Welfare Reform

27/9/12 · Posted in Welfare Reform

More welfare reform is upon us. The Government recently announced the second part of its welfare reform package. The Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill is now before the Social Services Select Committee.   There is a high degree of interest in the changes. So we thought, we would do a summary ...


13/9/12 · Posted in Paralympics, Sports

The Paralympics have been a great celebration of individual accomplishment. Unfortunately, coverage has not been great. So to help celebrate the achievements of the athletes, we wanted to do a bit of a round up of London 2012. Let us know if we have missed anything (I am sure we will have). First off, the ...

Stopping Bullying

The Policy and Advocacy team and David Matthews tackle the very important issue of bullying. For too long we have tolerated bullying in our schools. It is difficult for parents to always keep their children safe and free from harm. This is especially true of bullying, which is an age-old problem. Bullying is about someone acting ...