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Crikey, it’s the National Disability Insurance Scheme!

Australia has embarked on an ambitious reform of its disability support services. The government is bringing in a new system called the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The scheme is starting to hit its stride, having survived recent budget cuts. 13,646 people are now eligible for the scheme and 11,029 people have an approved plan in seven ...

When is a cap, not a cap? Education support workers

20/2/15 · Posted in CCS Disability Action, Education

We have been trying to get the Ministry of Education to abandon its funding cap of 15 hour per week for education support workers. Education support workers are the equivalent of teacher aides, but work in early childhood education. On Monday, our Chief Executive, David Matthews, and Canterbury mother, Shannon Alker, went on Radio New Zealand to talk about the funding ...

Facing the future

In this week’s blog David Matthews, Chief Executive of CCS Disability Action, takes a look the future. There are some major challenges ahead, but if we all work together, we can still have a stronger and more inclusive Aotearoa New Zealand. People often struggle to think long-term. Current issues tend to capture our thinking.  This ...