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23/6/15 · Posted in Biculturalism, Matariki

Ka puta a Matāriki ka rere a Whānui. Ko te tohu tēnā o te tau e!  Matāriki appears, Whānui starts its flight.  This is the sign of the New Year. Matāriki is the Māori name for the constellation of stars that is often referred to as Pleiades or the Seven Sisters. However, in other accounts, ...

Leaving people behind; the investment approach in practice

I want to talk about two boring sounding things that have the potential to seriously impact on people’s lives. These things are future welfare liability and an investment approach. Both are very much “in vogue” at the moment. The Productivity Commission, which is currently looking at social services, is a particularly big fan. Future welfare ...

Still falling behind Australia

Last time I talked about the Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme, I mentioned that a Citizens’ Jury was assessing the Scheme. The Citizens’ Jury consists of twelve Australians, including six disabled people (Who are not currently receiving support from the Scheme), randomly selected. Sort of like an actual Jury. They listen to evidence from people ...