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The words we say

16/9/15 · Posted in Children, valuing people

Having spent much of my career working with words – both as a journalist and then in Communications, I have been reflecting more than ever on the power (and harm) words can have. I have also been reflecting on the words people say to parents of disabled children and young people.  As the mother of ...

No easy victory; earthquake strengthening and access

A long debate ended recently over accessibility rules. It ended with a partial victory for the disability and access community. It’s a partial victory a lot of people contributed to. It also ended with some questions and lessons for how we advocate and work with government. The biggest lessons are the importance of getting in ...

Disability and the rainbow

Allyson Hamblett, chair of CCS Disability Action’s Auckland Local Advisory Committee, shares her thoughts on disability, diversity and the Rainbow Community. The Northern Region of CCS Disability Action has started working with RainbowYOUTH to develop Rainbow Competency training for staff and the Local Advisory Committee.  This training will hopefully bring about an awareness of sexuality ...