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The rise and fall of the Child Disability Allowance

9/9/14 · Posted in CCS Disability Action, Children

Today, we take a look at the Child Disability Allowance. The Child Disability Allowance is an allowance of around $45 dollars a week paid to the caregivers of children and young people that require substantially more supervision and support than other children and young people. The number of children and young people receiving the Child Disability Allowances …

Walking the line

There are lots of different organisations and individuals trying to influence government. To stand out from the clutter, you have to make strong forceful arguments. This can be risky in disability advocacy; however, you can easily end up painting a bleak picture with disabled people as passive victims, especially when advocating on vulnerability issues. We …

Stopping Bullying

The Policy and Advocacy team and David Matthews tackle the very important issue of bullying. For too long we have tolerated bullying in our schools. It is difficult for parents to always keep their children safe and free from harm. This is especially true of bullying, which is an age-old problem. Bullying is about someone acting …