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Call to blog

What is happening in your community? What do you think and feel about the issues we have been discussing on this blog?

We would love to publish your thoughts and ideas as blog posts. There have been some excellent comments on our blogs so we are sure you have information and experiences to share.

Send us your draft posts and our crack team of blogging experts will assess them. Below are the guidelines we will use for assessing.


Has to be on a topic related to disability and/or inclusion issues (I know your cats are great, but this is not the blog to post about them).

Has to be of interest to our readers (Take a look at our previous blogs to get ideas).

Nothing rude, offensive or defamatory (Although you can push the boundaries, we will let you know if you go too far).

Decent grammar and spelling (We can do a bit of editing and proofreading, but you have to make an effort).

How to submit:

Email your draft posts to

I look forward to reading your awesome blogs.

Sam Murray
National Policy Coordinator

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