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Living The Dream


Masterton’s new Community Support Coordinator Nathanael Sadlier shares his excitement for his new role with CCS Disability Action

After leaving school I was searching for anything to do so I studied business for 18 months and that didn’t really end up anywhere. In 2015 I started volunteering with Te Ora Hou o Te Tairawhiti working with youth. I was lucky I had found a place in a sector I was passionate about. Things fell into place really quickly from where I was, at a stage of floating around doing nothing to finding something I was passionate about.

My neighbour encouraged me to contact CCS Disability Action to see if they could help, so I thought ` what have I got to lose? Initially, I didn’t want to have to reach out to any disability support services because I didn’t really want to bring about a stigma. Also in 2015 I thought, what have I got to lose so I went down to see what CCS Disability Action could do for me. It took some convincing from my parents to go to the CCS Disability Action office because I wasn’t sure what support I could get.

I admired the personal aspect from CCS as the staff treated me as an individual which I really valued. I think the way the staff let me lead the process by asking; “what do you want to do”, “what are you interested in” and “what are your goals” and trying to tie all that in to make a proper coherent plan and how it was going to work. The process was led by me about where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do but there was also an expectation that it’s not just done for me I have to put in the leg work so it was actually really lifting in myself.

I really enjoyed the reciprocal process of working together with my coordinator because we brainstormed and worked with action plans to make my goals a reality. I was supported by the National Vocation service and completed a two year diploma course in youth work through a Ministry of Social Development scholarship.

Things fell into place and everything managed to work. I’m not sure if that’s true for other people that are supported by CCS Disability Action but in my case it was. There’s something bigger at play going on I’m sure. My new job at CCS Disability Action as Community Support Coordinator is testament to that. I’ve made the move from Gisborne to Masterton and I know I’ll get all the support I need to fulfil my dream in the CCS Disability Action environment.






3 Responses to “Living The Dream”

  1. Thats a great story. As to get needed support and to have people really listen to what makes you happy and help you achieve your goals is a wonderful thing.

  2. Phillip Blundell says:

    What a great success story. Making life better. This is a measure of success. For the person and CCS Disability Action.

  3. Yes what a great story .
    Well done CCS.
    Getting support is so important.

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